Certain items in my Etsy shop I am able to mass produce and are available for wholesale.
Large (20+) orders for shops or boutiques will be discounted up to 40% ( certain items); Items are discounted individually at the end of the order, the total order will not be discounted by an entire percentage; this is because some of my items are less expensive and time consuming for me and some are one of a kind and labor intensive.
I only offer a 20% discount on my dreamcatcher bracelets for resale, these are extremely time consuming and each on is unique. To get any discounts on these bracelets you must purchase 5+.

My current policy on wholesale is receiving payment at the time that I deliver/ship the jewelry to you.
I do not take checks after you sell the jewelry for a percentage of your sale and I do not do consignment.
I find that this policy keeps things simple and does not leave any loose ends.
I am open to sending wholesale throughout the United States only at this time.

Please email me for inquiries and I am also open to suggestions.

For faster reply please send email to both addresses :)


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